Corset Dress
Corset Dress

Corset Dress

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Instead of relying on a generic corset, the Lucrece Brocade Corset Dress combines all of the best features of a corset and an elegant dress. You will be able to wear it to formal occasions and parties where you want to show off your personal style. It is available in turquoise with an elegant black satin skirt and traditional pin striping on the corset itself. There’s also a feminine lace applique on the bustline of the corset that helps to add another feminine appeal. The corset is constructed with the use of steel boning to help maintain your perfect body shape meanwhile making sure that the dress looks its best with consistent wear.

  • Authentic Steel Boned Brocade & Satin Overbust Corset Dress
  • 12 Spiral Steel Bone, 2 Flat Steel Bone
  • Front Length: 46 inch (116.84 cm)
  • Side Length: 46 inch (116.84 cm)
  • Back Length: 47 inch (119.38 cm)
  • Fabric: Brocade & Satin
  • Lining: Cotton Twill
  • Opening: Side Zipper