Proper Storing & Cleaning

It seems as though ever since Kinky Miss Lingerie started attending The Trade Shows (Sex Show, Sexapalooza ETC.) we have been getting a lot of inquires on how to properly store your corset and/or how to go about the cleaning and handling process. To keep those sexy corsets looking just as amazing as when you first purchased them just follow below!


How To Store Your Corset:


Upon taking your corset off make sure it is dry & clean


  • Kinky Miss Lingerie does not recommend rolling the corsets- the busks, studs, and eyes may push deep into the fabric, causing damage and distortion. It is recommend that you either fold or hang your corsets
  • Placing your corsets in a see-through bag is a good idea, keeping moisture and dust away from the fabric. Keep your corset folded flat in a drawer- be sure there is no heavy damage causing items sitting on top


How To Care For and Clean Your Corset:


As with any item of clothing it is always hard to keep the outside clean, there are many actions that can be done in keeping the inside clean also. Kinky Miss Lingerie does not recommend machine washing/drying your corset- it will cause distortion.


  • If you do plan on wearing your corset for waist-training purposes- it is recommend that you wear a wee slip, chemise, or corset liner underneath as they all work well in absorbing body oils & sweat
  • To remove any body oils or light sweat from the inside of the corset- grab a slightly damp absorbent cloth and gently wipe the desired area. Be sure to let the corset dry completely before storing!
  • Small Spots- simply remove them with a lint-free cloth and some warm water, just dab on desired area
  • There are instances where you may have odors like cigerrete smoke which you want to remove. In a plastic bag, hang your corset on a hanger (letting out all of the slack on the laces and draping the corset from those loosen laces over a hanger with the liner side facing out), place your corset in a closet or desired place, and let air out for 3-4 days. Spraying your corset with a fragrance is not always recommend- though if needed spray the inner lining of the corset to see how it takes to the chemicals in the spray.