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  1. We’ve all had that great pair of jeans. You know; the ones that fit ever so perfectly when slipping them on after a fresh wash- the tight feeling of denim wrapped around your leg. It feels good, they fit perfectly! Then as the day goes on, from all that moving, they become slack- start to loosen around the butt and leg area. And you think “well, this sucks!”
    Well this same dilemma happens with that wonderful corset/cincher too. You get laced into this wonderful item of clothing, and feel super cinched! Then as the day progresses you start to wonder why your corset is falling from the bust- just like those jeans, the corset/cincher starts to become slack from all your movement.
    Corsets and cinchers are a timeless piece to have in your closet- they amplify any outfit and mold you to perfection. Just make sure you have a partner to help cinch you back up, or even better- try taking a crack at it yourself! Practice makes perfect.
  2.   Hello to all our lovely followers, and friends- it’s blog time again! It’s time to settle this long age debate on whether a cincher or corset is better for you. Like most things, it always comes down to personal preference- and what you are most comfortable in. Some women (and men) like the feeling of being molded into tight perfection in a full overbust corset, though there are some people that prefer the less hindering experience of an underbust corset.

                    There are many pros to wearing an overbust corset: better posture support- as the name says this type of corset goes over the bust, and is much longer. It goes higher up along the back, often as far up as the shoulder blades. Meaning it is nearly impossible to slouch or hunch over. Overbust corsets are the better option for women with larger breasts; as they support and hold them in place. Women with a larger bust are often at risk of having major back and spinal problems; the rigidness of the corset firmly keeps everything in place where it should be.  The overall look of an overbust corset is definitely more slimming.

                    Underbusts or cinchers, are ideal for the “flat-chested” as they pull in the waist, but enhance the bust by pushing them up- almost acting as a push up bra. A smaller waist means a larger looking bust, no matter what your cup size. Underbust corsets are not as extreme as an overbust corset as it sits on the waist and still allows you to bend and move in a less hindering way. Though let’s not get it twisted, underbusts still PULL YOU IN- if you are interested in tight lacing, we recommend a cincher. Easy to wear under clothing and versatile enough to wear on top too.

                    Let’s face it, any kind of corset will bring in your waist and push up the breasts. But it’s finding the one that is most comfortable, practical, and appealing to you.

  3. We've had many of our customers ask what the difference is with Flat Steel, and Spiral Steel boning in corsets....

                    Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to the type of corset they lace themselves into. No which one is better than the other, but there are their differences- that provide different wearing experiences.  Depending on where you will be wearing your corset and the look that you are going for, all comes down to the type of corset boning.

      Let’s start with flat steel boned corsets, most people have the assumption that because they are stiffer and add more of an extreme look that they are better- though this is not always the case. Flat steel boning is made of strips of spring steel sheets, carefully blunted on its sharp edges and coated with a rust protectant. It is much more difficult for fittings, and for the wearer to wear. Due to the rigidness of the boning, when tension is applied to one end of the corset the other end will automatically fluctuate in the other direction- causing unwanted gapping in places. This problem is dominantly seen in people who have a much smaller waist to bust and hip ratio. Flat steel bones are a lot wider and more durable- this may appear to be a better option. Obvious assumptions are that flat steel bones are thicker and stiffer, offering more support and shape. A flat steel bone will skim the outermost convex points of those curves.

                    Spiral boning I find- doesn’t get as much credit as it should. This boning normally provides a better fit, as it hugs the hips and bust much more. The flexibility of the boning allows you to apply a bit more tension to the corset, and is not as constricting as a flat boned corset. From experience, curvier girls fill out spiral boning corsets better- as many say “what doesn’t bend, breaks.” This isn’t to say flat steel boning will break but they don’t bend as comfortably as spiral boning.  Spiral boning easily trace the swell of a bust, then the curve of the ribcage, a subtle indent of the waist reduction, and then gracefully round the hip bone- most corset makers use spiral steel. Performers and entertainers usually wear spiral boning corsets- as they need much more flexibility upon performing.

                    The type of corset ultimately comes down to personal preference, which is no help if you are shopping for your first corset. Kinky Miss Lingerie is more than happy to help when selecting a corset- and remember to always do you research before purchasing!

  4. Hello sexy fans, followers, & supporters!

    It seems as though ever since Kinky Miss Lingerie started attending The Trade Shows (Sex Show, Sexapalooza ETC.) we have been getting a lot of inquires on how to properly store your corset and/or how to go about the cleaning and handling process. To keep those sexy corsets looking just as amazing as when you first purchased them just follow below!

    How To Store Your Corset:

    Upon taking your corset off make sure it is dry & clean

    • Kinky Miss Lingerie does not recommend rolling the corsets- the busks, studs, and eyes may push deep into the fabric, causing damage and distortion. It is recommend that you either fold or hang your corsets
    • Placing your corsets in a see-through bag is a good idea, keeping moisture and dust away from the fabric. Keep your corset folded flat in a drawer- be sure there is no heavy damage causing items sitting on top

    How To Care For and Clean Your Corset:


    As with any item of clothing it is always hard to keep the outside clean, there are many actions that can be done in keeping the inside clean also. Kinky Miss Lingerie does not recommend machine washing/drying your corset- it will cause distortion.


    • If you do plan on wearing your corset for waist-training purposes- it is recommend that you wear a wee slip, chemise, or corset liner underneath as they all work well in absorbing body oils & sweat
    • To remove any body oils or light sweat from the inside of the corset- grab a slightly damp absorbent cloth and gently wipe the desired area. Be sure to let the corset dry completely before storing!
    • Small Spots- simply remove them with a lint-free cloth and some warm water, just dab on desired area
    • There are instances where you may have odors like cigerrete smoke which you want to remove. In a plastic bag, hang your corset on a hanger (letting out all of the slack on the laces and draping the corset from those loosen laces over a hanger with the liner side facing out), place your corset in a closet or desired place, and let air out for 3-4 days. Spraying your corset with a fragrance is not always recommend- though if needed spray the inner lining of the corset to see how it takes to the chemicals in the spray. 

    Hope this was helpful :) 

    Stay Sexy Everyone! 

  5. Hello Sexy fans & followers,

    Kinky Miss Lingerie loves lacing our customers to perfection- though we know some of you have your doubts on being sure you are getting the best fit when the Kinky Miss Ladies are not around! We have put together a wee tutorial on how to "Get yourself into your corset/cincher" and how to avoid those common mistakes we all make. 

    1. Always start with your corset loosley opened at the back (8inches/20cm). If you are alone when doing this make sure you use your arms to hold the corset/cincher up.

    2. If the corset/cincher is "BUSK" (metal plates that clip together at the front) make sure you line up the "busk" and metal holes together and carefully clip them in. Once they are in, they're in! The same rules apply if it has a "zipper" to fasten.

    3. Now to start "Tightlacing"- starting from the top, pull the laces a little tighter then move the loose lace down until it reaches the large loops at the middle of the lacing holes (bunny ears). Next, go to the bottom of the lacing and pull the laces tighter there. Again, work the loose loops of lacing up through the corset to the large loops in the middle. Alternate the above steps, working the top half of the lacing tighter then working the bottom half of the lacing tighter.*Always leave a minimum of an inch- two inches between the sides of the lacing.*

    4. Now, tie the back of your corset/cincher into a lovely bow. If you are wearing your corset/cincher out publicly it is always a good idea to double knot the lacing. 


    Reference: http://corsets.matazone.co.uk/information.php?info_id=15

  6. Sizing your corset is vital to your pleasure- It is just like having the right fit of shoe! Having poorly fitting shoes is just like having a poorly fitting corset; uncomfortable, and unbearable! Rubbing, sliding- in all the wrong places. Many of our customers tend to think that your breast size will affect your fitting, though this is not the case- it is crucial to always go by your waist size for your best fit!

    Remember: Not one persons body is the same, and not all corsets are made for every body-type out there, so be sure to know shape of your body determines the shape and style of corset you will find comforatble and sexy!

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